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Hi and Welcome to Melanin Mommy.com!
My name is Thomishia but you can call me Mishi!
In this space we can keep it real with each other.

This blog is for the working mom.
The mom who strives to keep up with trends but sometimes falls shorts.
The mom who wants to start her own business but struggles to find the time.
The mom who cloth diapers, breastfeeds, and loves trap music.
The mom who loves a good turn up as much as she does the turn down.
This blog is for the MODERN MOTHER.

This blog is for YOU!

So now that we are virtual besties … let’s talk. Becoming a mother completely changed my life in ways I couldn’t even imagine. My journey to motherhood started off rocky with lots of anxiety about what it would be like, expectations, and the unknown. I created Melanin Mommy.com to have a personal space to share my feelings in hopes of reaching at least one person feeling the same way. No one should ever feel alone. After my son was born I was yearning to find a balance between motherhood and my own creative outlets. Disappointed in the number of children’s books with brown main characters I launched full force into my children’s book series called “Hey Carter!”

Dedicated to my son, Hey Carter! Children’s Book Series is all things “Brown Boy Joy”. From start to finish the books are filled with the wonderful things we love most about our children. Pictures entertain your child as you speak life into them while reading “My Brown Skin”.

Your child is amazing and wants to hear it. Your child is wonderfully made! Let’s hear them shout it from the mountain tops. Every child deserves to grow up envisioning their dreams through the stories of characters that look like them and reflect their experiences. Diversity in children’s books matters. Stories are a child’s first steps into their imagination. Hey Carter! Children’s Book Series allows your child to READ IN COLOR.

Each book in the Hey Carter! Children’s Book Series references a King. This hidden meaning is a reinforcement that our children deserve respect. We must remind our children that they are powerful and amazing.

“My Brown Skin” is a heartwarming story about embracing who you are. A child’s first words of confidence and pride. Also in Spanish this Book Series proves representation really matters. Stay tuned for the next book in the “Hey Carter! Children’s Book Series!

Mishi B.

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November 2, 2017