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Barnes and Noble Book Signing

Today was nothing short of amazing. I sold out of books 3 times at Barnes and Noble and had to sell all of my personal inventory. I am highly favored and blessed. They told me the last time they had that many children there was for Telatubbies.  I loved seeing all the little brown boys and girls listen to me read the book I wrote just for them. I asked a few kids to read the book for me and I was in awe of them. We did activities about self love where the kids decorated clouds and a rainbow with words that described who they were. Hearing them describe themselves as powerful, strong, and talented warmed my heart. One little girl asked the definition of the word faithful and when she learned the definition she said that was her. They helped each other and shared like beautiful brown children do.

Thank you to my husband for all of your support today and everyday. It was great to see my Sorors and friends show up to support me. Thank you to those of you behind the scenes. My bestie -Marie who styled me from head to toe, Karah from Idelle Beauty who beat this face early this morning, my in laws who watched Carter and my mama who shaped me into all this BLACK GIRL MAGIC.

Somebody pinch me!

Next stop: Black Joy Parade, February 25th- Oakland at 12PM


Mishi B.

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