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Gabrielle Union’s Real Life Book Club Tour

I had an amazing time at Gabrielle Union’s moderated discussion and book signing for her new book “We’re Going to Need More Wine”.

I went alone because my two besties were busy. One is pregnant and the other was out of town.

How dare they have a life without me?

I really wanted to go so I decided to go alone as my birthday gift to myself.

All day I thought about what I would say to Gabrielle Union and was starting to get nervous as the time grew closer. Chris suggested I bring my book and give it to her. Great idea! Following his advice I went home and grabbed 3 copies and headed to SF.

I practiced exactly what I was going to say the whole ride there.

I was the first to arrive and shortly after met two ladies and quickly made new friends. We came up with a plan to sit front row and it was successfully executed.

Front row to see my bestie!

The night started with a glass of red wine that I drank out of a plastic adult sippy cup like the classy woman I am.

Gabby (that’s what I call her because we’re besties) was inspiring, funny, and kept it real. She talked a lot about the Authentic Self in which she so candidly referred to as #TEAMFUCKIT

“We can’t make everyone happy all the time”- she said.


I watched her in awe as she talked about her trauma and her journey towards blackness.

Gabby and I have a lot in common. We all have a story and some of us share the same one.

On her journey toward being more authentic she recalls a time she couldn’t think of 10 things she loved. “Butter and imitation crab” were once at the top of her list.

After the event I made a list of 10 things I loved but thought how powerful would it be to write 10 things I love about me?

So here they are …


10 Things I love About Me
1- My Sense of humor
2- My Smile
3- I am a very giving
4- My work ethic
5- My butt
6- My laugh
7- My hair
8- I’m a good friend
9- I dance well
10- I am good wife and mother

Your turn!

Was it hard? How long did it take you?

Here’s what happened when I got up to the table to get my books signed :

Me: I am a huge fan. I am so excited to meet you. I am a new Children’s Book Author and I recently wrote a book for boys of color called “My Brown Skin”.

Gabrielle: I love that!

Me: If you would you be willing to gift it to the right person it would mean a lot to me.

Gabrielle : Absolutely! I will give one to my son.


Mishi B.


Get your copy of the book here:

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