Slaying Motherhood

How to Reset Your Relationship

When my husband and I first starting dating we celebrated Valentine’s Day every year. The day meant a lot to me and I looked forward to the gifts and fancy dinners. I would get all dolled up and brag to my friends about the amazing gifts he bought me. I remember having arguments about how important Valentine’s Day was and my husband trying to explain that it was just a day. I don’t know if it’s because I am older but I could care less about celebrating Valentine’s Day. When you are loved the other 364 days out of the year February 14th becomes just a day.

Once you have children things change. All the things you said you were going to do suddenly feel impossible. “We will always make time for each other”- you say but slowly realize you haven’t been alone for a long time. Your entire life becomes consumed with your child.

We became so wrapped up in being Carter’s Mom and Dad that we forgot about being husband and wife. After weeks of fighting over the stupidest sh*t ever we decided to hit the reset button and get back to US!

Here are 5 things you can do to reset your relationship:

1- Schedule date nights
Prioritize your relationship! This gives both of you something to look forward to. We put some dates on the calendar and stuck to them.

2- Find out what your love languageĀ 
We have taken the love language quiz a few times since we have been together. Over the years my love language has changed. It used to be gifts but has recently been acts of service. Nothing says “I love you honey” like a clean house. Take the love language quiz here: Once you know your partners love language- the fun begins.

3- Make sex fun!
We are extremely competitive so we use games a lot. We make bets with each other and the grand prize is always SEX!

4- Keep it simple
Handwritten notes go a long way! I frequently slip notes in my husbands lunch and he even does the same. Buy a pack of note cards and get creative.

5- Do something for YOU!
The better you feel about yourself the more present you can be in your relationship. Confidence has to start from within.

Be kind to yourself mamas!

Mishi B.

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