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My 6 Week Body Transformation

I want to share some intimate feelings with you.

I joined a weight loss program last month. At first I didn’t think I even had 20 lbs to lose. I was semi satisfied with my body but hadn’t really put in much effort into taking my body to the next level. I would start eating clean and fall off by the weekend or sometimes even before that. I would work out for 2 days and then make up an excuse as to why I can’t go. “I’m tired” or “I’ll start next week” (and never did).

A few things happened that got me to this point:

After I had Carter my body changed. Things were in different places. I didn’t recognize parts of my body. Everyone always says you lose weight with breastfeeding but forgets the part about how hungry you are. Breastfeeding hunger is no joke.

I was eating A LOT.
A lot of bad things.

There was thisone time I was out dancing with a group of girls and I wore a little black dress. I felt really uncomfortable in it. I kept sucking in my stomach and adjusting myself. It was annoying. I hated feeling self conscious.

I was pulling out my girdle for too many outfits.

I thought to myself “I have to do something about this”.

There were too many times I saw something I wanted to buy but didn’t because I knew I would feel uncomfortable in it.

We had vacations planned and I started to think about how I would look in a bathing suit.

Those thoughts weren’t positive.

With everything I was juggling I wasn’t able to keep up with my fitness goals. I was managing being a new mom, a new job, my business, being active in my sorority, a social life, and most importantly a wife.

I was not committed to my Fitness goals.

What used to feel comfortable had changed.

Sometimes it’s hard to realize when you are gaining weight or letting yourself go. I liked my body but noticed it was missing something.

I wanted more muscle definition

So.. I joined P2P

What’s P2P?

P2P is a 6 week challenge where you pay $497 to join and if you lose 20lbs and follow some simple instructions you will get your money back.

If you do not have 20 lbs to lose, this program is not for you! It was very hard for me to lose 20lbs. I had zero room for error.

Here is what I loved about P2P:

P2P is a black female owned business; LaTasha, the CEO is hands on during each challenge to motivate everyone. The program pushes you to work hard and be consistent. The workouts are intense weight lifting combined with cardio. You have to do 30 workouts in 6 weeks to get your money back. The coaches are strong men and women who encourage you to give it your all. The environment is supportive and fun. There were so many times I was struggling and a stranger would come behind me and say “You got this girl”. You are in a cohort with other challengers going through the exact same thing you are. They have the same “silly” questions you are afraid to ask. There is a sense of family at P2P and I have never felt that before at a gym. I would have never been able to push myself to this level without a program like P2P.

There were some parts that were less enjoyable. To keep it real, I was miserable for most of the challenge. The diet is very restrictive and bland and there is no room to cheat. Every day I was challenged to say no to so many yummy things. At first it was candy or bagels but then it was even
healthy things like oranges. I couldn’t have any of it. I just wanted something else to eat besides chicken and broccoli. The diet consists of egg whites, spinach, sweet potatoes, strawberries, raspberries, lean meats, and oatmeal. There were a few other variations but that was basically it.

During the first week I was in tears after workouts because they were extremely hard. I hadn’t worked out like that in years. I lost almost 7 pounds the first week and stayed behind the mark every week after.

It was hard.

Each week we didn’t make weight food wa removed from the diet. I never felt hungry but the scale wasn’t moving. At one point I called my bestie who is a fitness coach, for some advice. She suggested I add more carbs to my diet and switch up my shakes. After listening to her, the weight fell off.

The last weeks of the challenge I had to work out twice a day and be in the sauna to hit my goal.

I was moody and sore more days than not. I kept saying I would never do it again once I’m done but the reality is, I hope I don’t get to a point where I have to.

P2P, although painful at times was a catalyst for me. It was just what I needed at the right time.

My strength was tested to all new heights. I survived a bachelorette party, birthday outings, soul fool dinners, and work potlucks every day.

Saying no was hard but it isn’t anymore.

Going forward I am committed to:

-Filling my temple with only good things
-Exercising because it makes me a happier person, a better mom, and wide. When I eat healthy, I feel amazing.
-I will enjoy my favs but in moderation.
-I won’t binge eat because I know what full really feels like.
-I will continue to drink tons of water and real all of its many benefits.
-I will say no more often, which is really saying yes to myself!

If you can relate to anything I said, I want to leave you with this:

Always remember that the person you compare yourself to compares themselves to someone else. We all have different weights we feel comfortable at different times in our lives.

Check out my results below. I didn’t think I looked like that. These photos where so eye opening to me. I am so proud to share them!

Thank you P2P!



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