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Pearl Spa, San Francisco (Korean Salt Scrubs): I spent the day naked with friends and my life will never be the same

For my besties birthday we went to a Korean Salt Spa. When she sent out invites there was disclaimer that it would be an intimate activity. I heard a few things about it but I didn’t really know what the full day would have in store.

(My bestie – Marie)

I am going to do my best to describe the experience but it is definitely something you need to see for yourself.

The Korean Salt Spa is a nude female only spa. It is open to men 1x a year.

When we arrived at the spa, we checked in and paid for our service. There were a few different options to choose from but our treatment was preselected as we were in a group. There were no phones allowed due to it being a nude spa. We were asked to take off our shoes and given cute slippers and silky pink robes.

We headed upstairs to undress still unsure of what the day would behold.

The first step was a shower. We were told to remove all of our makeup and clean ourselves. There were individual doorless showers in an open area with other naked women walking around.

Things got real intimate-real quick.

I felt completely comfortable being naked in front of my friends and the other women at the spa. The experience was invigorating. In that moment we were 4 beautiful women bonding together.

After the first shower we moved into the sauna. We talked, laughed, and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company. We even guided each other through mediation.

Then we were asked to bathe again, followed by a cold bath. The cold bath was a freezing cold mini pool. The water temperature was unbearable and just as we tried to escape, we were told to submerge ourselves completely into the water. Despite the torturous ice bath, we continued to remain open to the experience.

Next, we went into the steam room where we meditated again. We stayed in for as along as we could stand and eventually ran out. It was so hot and wet in there but somehow still relaxing.

Then we went into the pink Himalayan salt room. Before entering we were asked to put on boxers they provided for us. We sat and Kaye’s on mats with small Himalayan salt rocks under our bodies in a heated room. We mostly sat in silence but towards the end we engaged in a conversation about our goals and future projects.

Pink Himalayan salt rooms have many benefits. It reduces inflammation and mucus in the lungs. This was perfect for me since I was just getting over a cold and still stuffed up. It decreases stress, stabilizes mood and so much more. I felt amazing after we walked out. I could breathe clearly right away.

We were behind on schedule so we had to skip the clay room but we were told it’s worth experiencing.

We drank water and ate snacks in between. There are plenty amenities to enjoy before the actual massage.

When it was time for our massages and scrubs we were walked into bathing rooms. In the room were Asian ladies (assumably Korean) dressed in matching black bra and panty sets. These ladies were prepared to change our lives and we had no clue.

They first thing they did was scrub my entire body with a Brillo pad thing. It didn’t hurt but it was intense. They scrubbed every crevice of my body. My skin has never felt so exfoliated.

In between scrubbing they washed my body with warm water and towels. We were in the same room together but there was a divider between us as we were bathed.

For a hour we were washed with soap, rinsed, washed again, rubbed with oil, washed, massaged with Hot oil, rinsed with more water, and massaged again. At one point the lady was on top of me with her knees, and it felt amazing.

She rubbed out kinks I didn’t even know I had. She scrubbed my feet with a pumas stone , wrapped me in warm towels, and gave me a facial. My hair was braided and I didn’t want my hair washed but my friend got her hair washed and said it was amazing. I won’t miss out on that next time. The treatment ended with a milk bath. My skin felt so silky. She dried me off, wrapped me back in my towel and put my robe back on.

I felt like a Goddess.

This was the definition of self care. A stranger (masseuse) touched every part of my body including my breast and it felt great. My breast were not sexualized despite being touched.

I felt so free. The last time I felt this free was during Carnaval.

Before we headed upstairs to get dressed we lathered our bodies in lotion. Of course we chose the bottle of Chanel Mademoiselle.

I felt extraordinary and smelled heavenly.

They even bought the birthday girl a cake, sang, and danced for her!

We finished our day with a delicious dinner at E&O Kitchen Bar. Everything was so good.

I will never go to a regular spa again. My life will be forever changed. The entire treatment was only $90. It was incomparable to anything I have ever experienced. The Korean Salt Spa is a must try. I highly recommend The Pearl Spa in San Francisco.

Mishi B.


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