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Product Review: Amber Teething Necklace

Teething can be a nightmare for both mama and baby. Figuring out what to do in the moment can be very stressful.

I understand.

I’m going through it.

Now. Right now.


Carter has 5 teeth coming in at the same time, including a molar, so needless to say things have been fun in the Booker household.

He has literally been teething for a month now. It got worse when Carter was sent home with a fever from daycare last week.  I gave him a cool bath to break his fever and tried everything I could think of. The bath helped his fever but he was still very uncomfortable and in pain. Nothing would calm him down.


I tried everything. ( Except Brandy on the gums like grandma used to do! )

Finally, I remembered the Amber Teething Necklace I purchased a few months ago. After seeing a  few babies with them on, I did my research and decided to buy one. I didn’t take it seriously. I even bought two and gave one away because I didn’t care for it.

How can a necklace help with teething? It seemed too “crunchy” even for me.

Now, you know I keep it real?  (This is not a paid review) Within minutes of putting the necklace on Carter was instantly calm. He went from screaming his head off to quiet and fell asleep shortly after. The daycare also mentioned that he seemed more calm the next day and asked about the necklace. Other moms have also shared that the necklace has eliminated painful teething for their children.

I’m sold! Needless to say, Carter will be rocking a new fashion accessory.

Here’s the tea on the Amber Teething Necklace:

The succinic acid is a naturally occurring component in amber. Succinic Acid has many benefits:

Natural pain reliever
Strengthens the immune system
Reduce stress
Boost awareness and concentration
Calms the central nervous system

The succinic acid is a natural calming agent on their nervous system and also eases pain. The necklace is also an heirloom that can be passed down in the family.

Be careful for fakes! There are a few test you can do to see if yours is real. Find a company that guarantees a refund of any of the test fail.

Color- Amber color with natural imperfections . The beads should be different shapes. Warm to touch rather than cool

Saltwater- real amber will float in salt water.

Black light test – if real, the Amber should glow under black light .

Smell- there should be a tree scent. If you were to light it on fire you should smell Baltic Amber – not a pine smell.

Acetone- real amber will not be affected by acetone. Copal or other plastics found in fakes will be sticky.

Want one?

Here are some Black Owned Businesses:

Check out

$25 each (click below)

Healing Hazel Baltic Amber teething necklace

If you are in the Texas area- Check out Crunchy Boutique!

1010 North Davis Drive

Arlington, Texas

Have any teething remedies? Send them to


Mishi B.

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