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Raegan’s Big Dream By Shanicka Vail House – Book Review

Raegan’s Big Dream

Written by Shanicka Vail House, Illustrated by Lauren Lacy

Soft cover

Age 5-7

Available for purchase here

Like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Raegan has a big dream…too! 


“Do you dream to be an artist creating art, music, dances, and songs? Do you dream to be a cheerleader for justice and help to to right some of the world’s wrongs? Do you dream to be a  stylist bringing more beauty to hair, nails, and faces? Do you dream to be an event planner and create something amazing with  all different kind of spaces?”


Raegan’s Big Dream, is a conversation starter with your child from start to finish. “No dream is too big” and I love the reinforcement of this throughout the book.  While reading to your child they will be reminded of their special gifts God gave them. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the dreams of our children. Gender norms aside Raegan spends time thinking all the things she can be when she grows up. 

Book Activity: Engage your child in a conversation. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Save their answers each year and share it with them!


Happy Reading!


Mishi B.


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