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Spend Less and Experience More: Don’t Keep Up with the Jones’- Be the Jones’! Halloween Edition

In an effort to spend less and experience more, we decided not to buy Halloween costumes this year. We love Halloween and we usually dress up either separately or as a family.

Last year Carter had 3 costumes!

We thought of a family themed costume but didn’t follow through with it. I put together my Barbie costume with things from my closet. I didn’t buy one thing- which is a big step for me. I actually went to the spirit store and walked out with nothing.

It felt unnecessary this year.

Instead of a costume Carter wore his skeleton pajamas for his school parade today. I admit I had a little bit of mommy guilt because I didn’t buy him a “costume” but realized he wouldn’t be missing out anything and he still looked cute.


We still went trick or treating and no one questioned why I didn’t spend $50 on a costume and instead dressed my son in pajamas that were on sale at Old Navy.

I also didn’t make treats for his class like I normally do. I bought organic juice boxes and pumpkin pie from Trader Joe’s. No mommy pinterest pissing contest for me this year.

Maybe next year lol

I say all this to say… As mothers we often have to defend our decisions and are constantly under scrutiny. Especially from other mothers. I say DO YOU! Make the choices that feel right for you and your family at that time. It doesn’t always have to be consistent with your “mommy image”.

Happy Halloween Mamas!



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