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Step By Step Cloth Try on featuring the I AM BLACK HISTORY Diaper by Shine Cloth

As promised here is a step by step try on featuring the “I AM BLACK HISTORY” diaper by Shine Cloth. Let me first start by saying that this diaper is VERY well made. The snap in hemp fleece insert is everything!  Carter slept in the diaper last night and woke up dry. That is a cloth diaper mama’s dream. It also fits my chunky legged boy perfectly.

Did you know Shine Cloth is black and female owned? SWOON!  What’s not to love?


Here is the back of the diaper. Carter is wearing a red diaper cover solely to cover his private areas.


Here you see the diaper layed flat showing the hemp fleece insert  already snapped in. The I  AM BLACK HISTORY diaper is an all in one (AIO) which is known as a “Pro” at Shine Cloth. The diaper doubles as a cover once the insert is soiled. You can use a flour sack towel or insert of your choice along with the cover for multiple uses.


I fold the top part of the insert down to give extra absorbency in the front. For girls you can fold it down towards the middle. The hemp fleece insert has two layers and is super absorbent! I have the diaper on the second snap so folding it helps it fit better.

{Again, the red cover isn’t needed. Baby should be naked. }

Carter is a little over 20 pounds and without the diaper cover under the diaper fits perfectly snapped all the up. He has chunky legs and with some of the other diaper brands we have to unsnap the diaper all the way for it to fit him. This diaper will definitely grow with him until he is potty trained.


The diaper should fit snug like socks around the ankles. Snap the sides in and make sure the tummy doesn’t fold over. Since I have the diaper cover under there it was hard to get the diaper straight. You want to make sure the part where the red and green snaps meet is folded downwards. You should be able to stick your fingers in there upwards.



If you have any questions please feel free to post them to our Facebook page.



Mishi B.





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