Slaying Motherhood

The Ultimate Snap Back

The moment we have all been waiting for…Beyoncé finally revealed a photo of the twins. They are absolutely precious. Welcome Sir and Rumi. Auntie Mishi is ready to babysit any time!

Beyoncé definitely had the ultimate snap back.

She looks amazing.


Sadly, it’s unrealistic.

Snapping back after birth has become the number one post partum goal for women. Stripping them from their chance to heal, bond, and embrace their new bodies. I am the first to admit that “snapping back” was the first thing on my mind after I had Carter.  I wanted my body back- damn it!  I just wanted to feel like myself again.

I get it.

A few weeks after I had Carter I remember attempting to go for a run before I was cleared by the doctor. What the hell was I thinking? I was so focused on changing the way I looked on the outside that I didn’t think about the healing process internally. I laughed it off during that time but I could have seriously hurt myself.

After growing a human inside of my body I needed time to heal.

I didn’t care.

I remember noticing everything I hated about my new body.

I felt ugly.

My edges had fallen out.

My skin was darker.

I still looked pregnant.

I didn’t take the time to notice my new motherly glow. I birthed a baby.

I did that shit!

I didn’t take the time to notice my curves. The ones my child created and my husband loved. I didn’t take the time to notice ME because I was too busy trying to snap back.

Your most important post partum goal is to enjoy motherhood and heal. You will have plenty of time to snap back!


Mishi B.

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